Power, results or people?

in people-centred companies are the least likely to suffer from work-related
stress, according to new research from Penna Sanders & Sidney. Based on
findings from more than 1,000 companies in 24 countries, the report identified
that companies fall into three categories – power-oriented, results-driven and

people-centred corporations
are more likely to be based in the
US or Scandinavian countries. As they provide employees with the most liberal
policies on working hours, telecommuting and the best work-life balance, they
claim lower stress levels.

tend to be based in southern European countries such
as Italy. They are less likely to offer flexible working conditions and
management is likely to believe that a good senior member of staff should be
available around the clock, with a high level of commitment to the company.

are likely to be based in central and northern
Europe – the UK, Germany and France – as well as Japan, Singapore and
Australia. Although they offer workers the more obvious flexible packages such
as job-sharing, they may not do so if they feel that they were putting their
business at a disadvantage.

Penna Sanders & Sidney

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