Powergen plan to offer free PCs clicks with staff

Powergen is offering a home PC and Internet connection to all its 5,000 UK
employees and their families.

It is investing £2m in the Clicks @ Home programme that will allow employees
to lease, then after three years own a PC for just £8 a month.

Steve Williams, Powergen’s HR director, said the initiative would help the
company’s workforce become more adept at using the Internet and this would help
its drive to deliver more of its services electronically.

He explained, "We believe that although Powergen has made strides in
the UK in terms of business development over the last few years the company has
not fully embraced the web. We need to take a number of steps so we can say we
are a bricks and clicks company and not just a bricks and mortar organisation."

If staff use the web at home, they will be more comfortable with its use at
work, claims Williams. He added, "I hope that in future when we start to
change a process which is currently paper based we will look at ways of using
the web instead."

The Powergen home PC initiative, which is being run in conjunction with
People PC, will also enable employees to benefit from the firm’s new HR
information system, which will enable them to do their expenses and receive pay
slips via the Internet.


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