Powergen to abandon call centres in India and transfer jobs to UK

Energy company Powergen is to close its Indian call centres and transfer its customer services unit back to the UK.

The firm cited wanting to improve customer satisfaction as the main reason for the move.

Nick Horler, Powergen’s managing director, said: “Offshore call centres may have their place for certain industries. However, we believe that we can best achieve industry-leading customer service by operating solely in the UK.”

“When customers contact us they need to be confident that their query will be fully resolved quickly,” Horler added.

The firm began using call centres in India five years ago for financial reasons.

Powergen said the move would create 450 jobs by the end of the year and improve customer confidence.

Martyn Hart, chairman of the National Outsourcing Association, said offshoring was not suitable for every company.

“Powergen’s decision to bring operations back to the UK demonstrates that, of course, offshoring is not for every company,” he said.


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