PPMA to launch web portal for public sector HR managers

The Public Sector People Manager’s Association (PPMA) is to launch a new web portal to help HR managers in the public sector ensure their functions are fit for purpose and able to respond to change.

The service, called Guiding you tHRu, has been created in collaboration with the government’s Idea Development Agency and professional services firm KPMG.

It includes ‘How to’ guides, assessment tools to help people understand what their organisation needs from HR, and a discussion forum, where PPMA members can hear from experts, share their experiences and learn from their peers.

Martin Rayson, PPMA HR transformation lead officer, said: “The challenges facing the HR community in the public sector are immense. Local authorities and government departments must change to ensure they are able to meet the growing demands of customers with significantly fewer resources. HR must be at the heart of finding the innovative solutions that will be necessary.

“However, for HR in the public sector to effectively support innovatory change, it too must change, in both shape and outlook. It must deliver high-quality, low-cost services and have the skills and imagination to help organisations identify new ways of working and maximise the productivity of their people.”

Gillian Hibberd, PPMA president, added: “We want this portal to be a vehicle to promote a dialogue outside the public sector HR community, with HR colleagues in other sectors and with key people across our organisations.”

The portal will be showcased at the PPMA’s annual conference in March, and is expected to go live later this year.

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