Practical succession management

Practical Succession Management: how to future-proof your organisation
Author: Andrew Munro
Publisher: Gower Publishing
Pages: 252
Price: £57.50
ISBN: 0-566-08570-4
Reviewed by Barbara Stannard, personnel manager at Frank Wright


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This book is broken up into nine chapters that take the reader through the perils of getting it wrong. It argues against the ‘normal’ method of succession planning, in which only senior levels are considered.

It contains many figures and charts showing how to increase organisational commitment, the ‘pools and flows’ of succession, and the three battlegrounds of succession – talent management, appointments and business risk assessment.

Munro insists that using corporate capabilities to assess and manage business risk to predict supply and demand, together with developing imaginative responses to deal with the unpredictable, must be a priority for successful succession management.

This is a well-written book with many practical examples and case studies. It would be useful for any company wanting to implement succession planning.

Useful? 5 stars
Well-written? 5 stars
Practical? 4 stars
Inspirational? 3 stars
Overall: Thumbs up

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