Prince Harry’s teacher awarded £45,000 for unfair dismissal

Prince Harry’s former art teacher has been awarded £45,000 for unfair dismissal and bullying from Eton College.

Sarah Forsyth claimed she had been bullied by the head of her department at the Berkshire public school and unfairly sacked after claiming that the prince had cheated in his art AS level.  

Forsyth said that she had written most of Harry’s ‘expressive journal,’ a piece of prose that accompanied his coursework.

But the tribunal in Reading last July criticised Forsyth for making a secret tape recording of Harry in 2002, and found this was “clearly an abuse of the position of trust in the pupil-teacher relationship”.

The tribunal also rejected various other claims Forsyth had made against Eton, including being discriminated against on account of her sex and for whistleblowing.

But it ruled that the college’s decision not to renew her temporary contract in 2003 was not handled ‘independently’ by headmaster Anthony Little.

Eton said in a statement: “Given that the college had successfully defended at tribunal her more extreme allegations, we felt it sensible to bring this matter to a close in relation to the unfair dismissal element of her claim.”



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