Printers told to update HR style

Paul Robertson-Marriott, HR director of Quebecor UK, claims personnel will have opportunities to implement a culture change in the industry, which he says has not changed since Rupert Murdoch took on the print unions.

Together with colleague David Jackson, Robertson-Marriott is trying to shake up their company’s business practices to bring it into line with other industries.

They claim there is still an atmosphere of nepotism in the industry, which is brought about by outdated personnel policies which have been in place since the late 1980s.

He said, “The usual recruitment technique in the industry is to look for a printer who is successful and target them directly.

“This is an industry norm which leads to people getting promoted because of who they know, not necessarily because they are the best person for the job.

“We are working to put the proper system in place to recruit the best people – there is a lot to be done to update practices.

“At Quebecor UK, we are working hard to introduce modern HR frameworks – and that is no minor task.”

Jackson said, “The industry is ripe for opening up and bringing into the 21st century.

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