Problem Solving in Groups by Mike Robson

A clear and comprehensive text, Problem Solving in Groups provides an overview of solving problems using different types of groups using various tools and techniques.

Problem Solving in Groups
By Mike Robson
Publisher: Gower Publishing
Pages: 176, Price: £25, ISBN: 0566 084678 Reviewed by Karen Legg
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The author has broken the text into sections which consider how to solve a problem from the formulation of a group and tackling the problem, to presenting the solution. It includes dealing with group dynamics and addressing problems within the group.

It’s easy to read, logical in format, and interspersed with checklists and diagrams to help the reader to follow the author’s ideas. The author focuses on ways to interpret and present data, explaining how to use traditional tools, such as cost-benefit analysis and histograms, in an effective way.

Now in its third edition, this book focuses on the changing ways of businesses, including the need to be competitive and the importance of involving people in problem ownership and resolution. It also concentrates on the diverse business community including working in virtual teams and the role of the facilitator.

This book is too comprehensive for my own needs, but it is a practical tool to dip into as the need arises. There are useful sections on interpreting data, and the text helps to clarify the stages of problem solving – a good reference tool for managers and those involved in tackling problems.

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Karen Legg is Human Resources Officer at FSL

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