Professionals in partnership

As mentioned in last month’s update, IOSH has been developing an
occupational health guidance document. The free public- ation, Professionals in
Partnership, has been produced in support of the Government’s Securing Health
Together initiative and will be launched by the institution later this month.

The OHG aims to encourage IOSH members and other occupational health
practitioners to work together to be more effective and proactive in reducing
the unacceptable high rates of work-related ill health and sickness absence. It
has received broad endorsement from a range of occupational health groups and
outlines initiatives being taken by IOSH alone and in partnership with others.

It has been compiled by members with wide experience of good practice in
occupational health, with input from non-members with relevant expertise, to
offer guidance to less experienced members – particularly those
"generalists" whose main role is advising on safety risks and who are
perhaps less familiar with occupational health issues.

IOSH is keen to point out that "health and safety" covers more
than accident prevention and this document draws on the parallels between
managing occupational health and safety risks.

It also recognises that specialist occupational health competence is often
needed to ensure that hazards are correctly identified and the risk-reducing
options selected are both technically suitable and cost-effective. It is
essential for individuals to know their limits of competence and to recognise
when they need further advice. The OHG reinforces this message and encourages
safety professionals and occupational health professionals to work together.

For the latest on Professionals in Partnership see the IOSH website ( or contact Andrea Alexander
on 0116 257 3100

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