Professor outlines positive impact of Euro constitution on worker rights

research on the stance unions should take in any forthcoming European
Constitution referendum suggests that the constitution will boost workers

Brian Bercusson of King’s
College at the University of London, who is the author of the standard legal
texts on European Labour law, was asked by the TUC to prepare a report on the
EU constitution to circulate within the trade union movement as part of the
discussion leading up to the TUC’s decision on whether or not to support the

report says the most important quality of the EU Charter is that it breaks new
ground by including in a single list of fundamental rights – not only
traditional civil and political rights, but also a long list of social and
economic rights.

EU Charter includes provisions, among them fundamental trade union rights,
which are at the heart of labour law in Europe,
according to Bercusson.

Barber, TUC general secretary, said: “It now looks as if the constitution could
have a bigger impact than was reported at the time. Unions will have a wide
ranging debate before we finally decide our stance, but professor Bercusson is well respected by
unions, and his views will carry weight."

By Michael Millar 


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