PZ Cussons cleans up HR data using OrgPlus Enterprise organisational charting tool

HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions, has provided its organisational charting tool, OrgPlus Enterprise, to PZ Cussons, the manufacturer of personal hygiene and household products. HR teams across PZ Cussons locations in the UK, Nigeria and Indonesia are using OrgPlus Enterprise to guide the workforce that supports  well known brands such as Imperial Leather, Cussons baby lotions and Morning Fresh dishwasher liquid. Over 4000 employees are able to view the organisation’s structure either from their own PC or at specially installed kiosks. The HR team has benefited from better visibility across the organisation of the personnel structures, as well as improved quality of data.

“We wanted to be able to display our organisation in visual charts, not just for the managers and the HR team, but also to provide an overview for employees across the organisation”said Sally Knill, Global Reward Director. “We selected OrgPlus Enterprise following recommendation from Oracle,”

“OrgPlus exactly met our requirements, both for charting and for HR modelling, talent and succession planning,” continued Sally Knill. “It gives us the flexibility to change things easily and offers excellent value for money. The transparency and visibility of the organisation that it gives us is fantastic.”

The HR team is using OrgPlus Enterprise to audit the HR data, populated by their Oracle On Demand HR system. Complimenting Oracle’s On Demand solution, OrgPlus Enterprise has enabled PZ Cussons to leverage its Oracle investment for maximum value.

By visualising data from Oracle, OrgPlus Enterprise enables HR managers to validate data accuracy and ensure that the correct member of staff is shown as reporting to the right person in the organisation. The charts have also helped the HR team to identify ‘orphans’ where the data shows that individuals are not recorded as reporting to anyone. Since using OrgPlus Enterprise, the number of ‘orphans’ in their data has been reduced from 20% to just 2%.

The team is also implementing Blueprint, an interactive modelling module for OrgPlus Enterprise to help with planning acquisitions and merger activity. With Blueprint the managers will be able to perform organisational design exercises to see how change options impact budgets and reporting structures. Further, at a strategic level PZ Cussons’ HR team plans to use OrgPlus Enterprise to identify key roles then develop succession and talent management plans to address business continuity risks.

Gillian Daniels, EMEA Director at HumanConcepts, commented, “For organisations that work globally it is important to have an accurate up to date record of all employees and where they are located, in order to be able to react swiftly to changes and meet the organisation’s needs. A visual charting tool like OrgPlus Enterprise makes it easy to display and validate data, as well as share it across the organisation. As a web based solution, it enables managers across different locations to share ideas and make informed decisions to shape the new organisation around current needs and plan for future growth.”


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