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Kineo shares Virtual Classroom insights in new free guide

If you’re not already looking at virtual classrooms as part of your learning strategy, you’re missing an opportunity.  The cost savings are compelling, and the immediacy and ease of use makes them a must-have for any organization with a distributed workforce. But which tools are worth a closer look? In a free guide published this week, Kineo explores the market and guides you to the right ones to explore.

Kineo, leaders in e-learning and blended learning solutions, have been using virtual classrooms as part of its blended approach for clients including BP, C&W and many others.  In an independent review of the market, Kineo looks at the options for virtual classrooms and webinars, and with so many newcomers, updates and takeovers since we last did a review, there is plenty to talk about.  

The free guide looks at at:

  • why you should consider virtual classrooms

  • how to make the most of them in your blended learning approach

  • which are the top tools to consider  – both commercial and open source

The virtual classroom market has changed hugely in 2 years, with the product lines of the big players completely revamped and intensive price competition among commercial vendors.  One of the old ‘ones to watch’ GoToMeeting has now become an industry leader, and Dimdim has been acquired by We look at what this means for the market, and for you as the buyer.

This free guide and many more  are available from the Free Thinking e-learning reports area of Kineo’s website

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