Qualified success for apprenticeships

a third of young people taking part in modern apprenticeships successfully
complete their training.  

first annual report of the Adult Learning Inspectorate (ALI) finds that more
than two-thirds of foundation and advanced modern apprenticeships students drop
out before completing their course.

90  per cent of apprentices are still
involved after one year, but many drop out later on. Despite this most learners
who do stay on a training programme to the end achieve their desired

one year the construction and manufacturing sectors show the best retention
rates with more than 80 per cent of candidates remaining in place.

is followed by IT, business studies and health, social care and public
services, which all have a one-year retention rate of around 70 per cent.

retail, customer service and the transportation sectors lose just under half
their apprentices within 12 months.  www.ali.gov.uk

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