Quality of content still a problem

Forty-five per cent of companies do not believe their investment in
e-learning has been a success, according to research by international
e-learning consultancy ICUS.

Respondents cited two factors for the lack of success: the perceived lack of
good-quality customised content (highlighted by one in three respondents) and
learning without interaction to stimulate learners.

The latter highlights the importance of collaborative learning and was in
line with the view from many of the respondents that online participation with
fellow learners via forums and e-mail leads to higher completion rates for
e-learning courses.

More than one in three of the 275 HR decision-makers polled thought this was
important in terms of promoting knowledge sharing among e-learners, while one
in three felt interactivity motivates learners.

"This survey provides a reality check. It is clear that as companies
learn from the (sometimes) painful experience of implementing e-learning, that
they increasingly value customised content," said Christiaan Heyning,
general manager of ICUS UK.

"This trend converges with another that we frequently encounter in our
work for blue-chip clients – the increased focus on knowledge management. By
offering easy-to-access, relevant content and linking it with in-company
experts, you effectively merge e-learning with knowledge management," said


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