Queen outlines government commitment to reform education and toughen up immigration controls

The government outlined its plans for educational reform and tougher immigration controls yesterday at the state opening of Parliament.

In the Queen’s Speech the government unveiled the 29 Bills that prime minister Tony Blair plans to push through in his last few months in charge.

Delivering the speech, the Queen said: “At the heart of my government’s programme will be further action to provide strong, secure and stable communities, and to address the threat of terrorism.

“[This] will put victims at the heart of the criminal justice system, support the police and all those responsible for the public’s safety, and proceed with the development of ID cards.

She said a Bill would be introduced to bolster the powers of the immigration service in policing the country’s borders, making it easier to deport immigrants who break the law.”

“The programme of educational reforms will continue to raise standards in schools to help all children achieve their full potential,” she said. “A Bill will be introduced to reform the further education system so that it can better equip people with the skills that they and the economy need.”


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