Queen’s Speech ‘too much too soon’ for BCC

The rate of change in employment rights signalled in the Queen’s Speech is ‘just too much’, according to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Yesterday the government laid out its priorities for the next parliamentary term and included extending flexible rights and parental rights.

BCC director general, David Frost, said the Queen’s Speech would get a lukewarm reaction from business.

“We have damaging work-life balance proposals coming forward, while still waiting for real action on regulatory reform,” he said. “A major concern from this Queen’s Speech is the government’s plan to increase flexible working rights and extending paid maternity leave to nine months.

“While we support a sensible work-life balance, the rate of change is simply too much, too soon. The government is failing to listen to business.

“The consultation on these proposals has not even concluded, but it is clear the government is determined to press ahead and add this extra burden,” Frost said.

For a full list of proposed legislation that could impact on HR, go to: www.personneltoday.com/29951.article

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