RAF flies with outsourced option

E-learning will form part of an outsourced technical training solution being
provided to the RAF in a multi-million pound, three-year contract with QA, the
specialist IT training provider.

QA, which has worked for the RAF for several years, will manage the RAF’s
training supply chain, including third party suppliers and this will enable the
RAF to streamline and centralise the administration and management of its IT
training. The learning provider will also deliver training from its nine UK
training centres and will handle course bookings and training enquiries.

In a separate development, QA has also launched the Learning Integration
Management (LIM) system, which aims to integrate an organisation’s new and
existing training content within a standard management framework. It has also
devised a blended learning programme for Microsoft Certified Systems
Administrator certification using web-based modules, real life and virtual
sessions and online mentoring.


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