Reasons to implement e-learning

All training requires effort to make it work, whether face-to-face or over a computer. Once you have an e-learning course up and running however it has distinct advantages. Here’s why e-learning can be as easy as counting to ten.


  1. You won’t need classrooms
    If you can dispense with the need for classrooms, the potential savings could be considerable. This will also mean there are no restrictions on the number of people you can train at any one time.


  2. It can reach a wide, even global, audience, saving both time and money
    E-learning means you can train any member of staff, anywhere in the world. No one needs to travel, and you avoid the time difference difficulties you face with conference-call training.


  3. Materials can be downloaded
    Course materials will no longer need to be centrally produced, cutting back on cost and time invested.


  4. Delegates can learn at their own pace
    This enables candidates of all abilities to work through the content without being left behind by classmates or made to feel inadequate. It should also make learning easier for those employees who are not native speakers of English.


  5. They can pick up learning where they left off
    With conventional training, would-be candidates tend to be put off by the prospect of a half-day or a day out of the office. With e-learning, they can move as quickly or slowly as they wish, and can stop or start as their workload permits.


  6. Progress can be measured, assessed and evaluated automatically
    It will also be impartial, and all candidates will be measured in the same way.


  7. Usage metrics are readily available
    By using e-learning you will automatically generate records and metrics.


  8. Content can be added and updated regularly
    This means you are not stuck with outdated or ineffective content, but can update easily as necessary.


  9. Unlike classroom trainers, it’s always there
    You will not be dependent on supplier availability.


  10. All staff will receive exactly the same quality of training, delivered in exactly the same way
    E-learning means that no one candidate will dominate the classroom or trainer – everyone will have the same opportunities. Taking trainers out of the equation will ensure that the training delivered is exactly the training you designed and need.

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