RebusHR Award for Best HR Strategy in Line with Business

This award is aimed at HR teams which can demonstrate they have achieved
genuine business partner status within their organisations. Entries should explain
the business strategy and the contribution of HR to meeting objectives. The
judge will look at the HR team’s own strategy, how this was devised and
implemented, the involvement of senior staff and what results have so far been
achieved. Entries should explain how HR has measured the benefits and how the
team identified priorities.

Category Judge

Professor Roger Gill is a visiting professor at the University of
Strathclyde’s Graduate School of Business. He is an expert in HR management and
organisational behaviour, having researched and taught these subjects at
universities for many years. Gill has provided management consultancy to more
than 300 organisations worldwide, and cites being a fellow of the CIPD among
his list of achievements.


About the company

Nestlé UK, part of food manufacturer Nestlé SA, employs around 8,000 staff
in 13 locations, and produces 230 brands, including Nescafe and KitKat

The challenge

To provide an employee-centred, cost efficient HR service to make the company
more competitive in recruiting, retaining and developing staff

What the company did

– Overall review of HR structure

– Internal investigation into HR function

– Restructured the HR function to align with the company’s strategy

– Split HR into six specialised areas from the individual service units

Benefits and achievements

– Nine out of 10 recruitment offer-to-hire rate

– High employee satisfaction rate

– Union partnership agreed

– Flexible working introduced in factories

– Reduced HR costs by £1m a year

– HR intranet now single source of staff information

Professor Roger Gill says: "Outstanding in innovation,
achievement and teamwork in its development and contribution to the business.
The HR strategy of Nestlé’s new @HR function is impressively aligned with the
company’s business strategies. It has a clear vision and mission delivered
through key functions with agreed service levels and performance measures, and
it has the unqualified endorsement of the chairman of the company."

The team

No. in HR team 5 in steering group; 165 in HR team, including OH

Staff responsible for 8,000

Roger Cordier HR director of Nestle UK
Dennise Corfield Head of HR services
David Harvey HR director of Nestle UK’s food and beverage unit
Jean Gentry HR director of confessionary business
Nigel Holt HR rewards and policy manager
Adrian Hillier HR process development project manager
Fionna Alcorn Head of recruitment

Telford & Wrekin Council
Flexible management

About the company

The authority was formed in 1998 from Shropshire and Wrekin Council. It
employs around 5,000 staff (including a teaching workforce) serving 154,000

The challenge

To introduce flexible management into the council

What the company did

– New employment conditions to support extended opening hours

– Introduced flexible working including home and term-time working and
flexi-time system

– Outsourcing environmental maintenance while protecting conditions

– HR restructure to have a representative working in each department

– Updated HR information on intranet

– Set up supply teachers agency for primary schools

Benefits and achievements

– Managerial survey shows high level of satisfaction and strategic

– Average sickness absence reduced by four days

– A 50 per cent reduction in workplace accidents

– Increased diversity with 40 per cent of top three management tiers now
women and 80 per cent female staff

Professor Roger Gill says: "Telford & Wrekin Council sets
the standard in its HR strategy that most other councils probably only aspire
to. Demonstrating outstanding innovation and achievement, HR strategy is
closely aligned with council priorities. It is also based on an excellent
environmental analysis, shaped in collaboration with top management and
consultation with staff, and supported by a clear business plan."

The team

No. in team 5 in project; 60 in HR, including training

Staff responsible for 5,000

Robert Cragg Head of personnel and
John Harris Personnel manager
Marie Whitefoot Learning and development manager
Jo Revell Health and safety manager
Mark Freathy Personnel manager for education and culture
Steve Newell Principle personnel officer
Sue Croughan Personnel officer
Claire Hyde Senior personnel assistant

British Waterways
People Strategy team

About the company

British Waterways is a public corporation that manages more than 2,000 miles
of canals and navigable rivers. It employs more than 2,200 staff, including
architects, environmentalists and civil engineers, based at more than 50
locations along the 200 year-old network.

The challenge

To improve the productivity and revenue of a company that evolved from
providing maintenance to driving urban regeneration

What the company did

– Introduced performance management process

– Performance appraisals and training and development initiatives

– Management development programme

– Harmonised employees terms and conditions

Benefits and achievements

– Doubled turnover of the business to more than £200m a year in five years

– Productivity per employee increased by 178 per cent in five years

– Staff turnover reduced to 8 per cent

– Improvements in job satisfaction, loyalty and motivation

– Reduction in absenteeism

Professor Roger Gill says: "British Waterways’ HR strategy (known
as its ‘People Strategy’) shows outstanding innovation, achievement and
contribution to the business as a corporate champion in these areas. People
Strategy clearly supports the pursuit of the vision for its culture, and it has
received strong endorsements from senior executives in the company as well as

The team

No. in team 4; 20 in HR, including pensions and payroll

Staff responsible for 2,200

Vince Morgan Personnel director
Sally Charman Personnel manager (south)
Andrew Johnson Personnel manager (north)
Ken Adams Training and development manager

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