REC chief executive steps down

and Employment Confederation (REC) chief executive Tim Nicholson has decided to
stand down after three years in the post

of a new head will start soon and it is expected that the new appointee will be
in post at the end of the year.

said: "It was a great opportunity for me to create a new organisation
representing the interests of thousands of companies and individuals in this
important and growing industry. REC has now established itself as the voice of
the industry, and it is right now to find someone else to take it forward.

was launched in a time of rapid change and uncertainty, and a difficult
combination of regulatory pressures and tough market conditions has challenged
all of us to find the right way forward. I am pleased with the way that REC –
Board, members and executive – have responded to the pressures and the problems.
We are a great industry with a vital contribution to make, and REC is where it
belongs, at the heart of debate. My choice is either to commit for a further
substantial period, or make way for someone else who can do so, and I have
decided on the latter. Therefore, from both a personal and an REC point of
view, I feel this is a timely step."

Faulkner, REC chairman, said: "REC is through its start-up phase, and has
achieved a great deal. While we will be sorry to see Tim go, we fully concur with
his thoughts on timing and the board is being given time to find and settle in
a new CEO."

added: "REC has become a pro-active, well-connected, issue driven
organisation that looks for constructive solutions while ensuring members’
interests are identified, debated and powerfully presented. Driving the agenda
in a sales-oriented industry full of vociferous and entrepreneurial
professionals is not for the faint hearted, but this position is an exciting
opportunity for someone who wants to make a real difference."

By Quentin Reade

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