Working with Americans by Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow

Love them or loathe them, it is an increasing business fact that at some point you will come into contact with those people from across the big pond; namely, the Americans. Almost instantly you will realise they speak a different form of English and their modus operandi is quite different to our own. At the same time, you naturally start to make judgements – and maybe not for sound business reasons.

Working with Americans provides a way to avoid this. It is an easy explanation of the differences in cultures, values, etiquette and even ‘common’ business language between Americans and people in the EU.

Building up trust and relationships is extremely difficult if you don’t possess a comprehension of American behaviour, culture and business manners. Get to know them and you will make a success of yourself, your product and business.

Authors Stewart-Allen and Denslow (well versed in Anglo-American experience) help you understand what makes the US business partner tick, to manoeuvre you away from misunderstandings and to capitalise on business opportunities.

The book is useful to those encountering Americans for the first time, as well as for old hands such as myself. Americans and their ways of working come in many varieties, but yet they are all the same. There are some great cartoons that perfectly explain American life, such as Words To Live By, quotations explaining American ways to you – great snippets to use in any presentation on culture.

Each chapter in Working with Americans explains what you’re going to learn and on the whole, it delivers powerfully. From the history of the country through to what to wear at lunch meetings, this is a delightful book and another good addition to your library.

Working with Americans – How to build profitable business relationships
By Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow
Publisher Prentice Hall Business
Pages 224, Price £16.99, ISBN 0273 656260
Book review by Iain Williamson
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Buy this book at Amazon

Iain Williamson is an HR manager at Evans Vaccines. He is currently reading The Global Challenge by Paul Evans and The IRS Handbook of Flexible Working, edited by Louis Wustermann.

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