Recognition at last

will soon be brought in line with other recognised occupations when the use of
the ‘chartered’ title is introduced, writes Michael Millar

practitioners will soon have the right to use the ‘chartered’ title, bringing
the profession into line with other recognised occupations.

members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) will be
able to call themselves either chartered members (MCIPD) or chartered fellows

members will have to gain graduate status by meeting professional standards,
which cover core management and people management and development, before
applying to upgrade to chartered member.

standards, which are set at postgraduate-level, make clear what a professional
working in people management and development should be able to do, as well as
what knowledge and understanding he or she must possess.

they have reached graduate status, they will need to demonstrate that they can
put their skills and knowledge into practice in the workplace. To become a
chartered member, members must have a least three years’ relevant
managerial-level experience, supported by evidence of Continuing Professional
Development (CPD). And at least two of these years must be in a specific
personnel and development role.

is the difference between chartered members and chartered fellows?


 – Only available as upgrade from graduate

 – Must demonstrate three years’ relevant
experience at management level as well as CPD in the form of a record for the
last 12 months and a development plan for the next 12 months


 – The most senior level of membership that
can be applied for

 – A senior practitioner 

 – Available for upgrade from MCIPD membership

 – Must be able to demonstrate 10 years’
relevant experience progressing to a strategic or senior management level as
well as CPD in the form of a record for the last 12 months and a development
plan for the next 12 months.

do you need to keep the chartered title?

CIPD asks title holders to submit their CPD evidence to show how they are
keeping themselves up to date. 
Currently, the CIPD does a random sampling survey (up to 10 per cent) of
full members annually and ask the members to demonstrate their commitment to

addition to this, it surveys members one year after upgrade and two years after
upgrade (approximately another 10 per cent).

CIPD also asks all those involved in assessing – eg examiners, course tutors,
and verifiers – to submit CPD evidence on an annual basis.

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