Record sales already for Learning Light’s research report on the corporate e-learning market



Within a month of publishing its third report in four years on the state of the e-learning sector in the UK the rest of Europe, Learning Light has reported that an unprecedented – and record – number has been sold.


The report – ‘The UK e-learning market 2010’, produced by Learning Light, an organisation which focuses on promoting the use of e-learning and learning technologies – informed discussion at the European e-learning Summit, held in Sheffield in November.


“Naturally, we’re delighted that the report seems to be meeting a keen need for information about the corporate e-learning sector, not just in the UK but across Europe,” said Learning Light’s operations director, David Patterson. “And, of course, at just £499, the report is extremely competitively priced compared with other – often less focused – pieces of market research.


“Our belief that this sector is a significant but often overlooked part of the learning and development market seems to be being borne out by the high level of interest that our report is arousing,” he continued. “Interest in the report is coming not just from academic and research bodies but also from e-learning producers and buyers – both of e-learning content and systems.”


Much enhanced compared with Learning Light’s previous 2007 and 2009 e-learning market reports, the 2010 version concludes that the UK remains the largest but not the fastest growing European market for e-learning and suggests that in the next 12 months, the UK market will grow by no more that 4.76% on the 2009 figure.


Many commentators believe that key to the report’s value is the ability to now compare ‘like for like’ analyses of the corporate e-learning market of 2007, 2009 and 2010.


The 2010 report reveals that, at most, the UK e-learning industry is currently turning over some £472 million a year. Moreover, it reveals that last year’s predicted UK market growth – of up to 8% – was achieved despite the general economic downturn.


Learning Light’s analysis of the market indicates that, while France will enjoy considerable growth (7.64% on a market size of £375m), as will Germany (7.75% on £242m), the e-learning markets in most Scandinavian countries will grow faster, albeit from a lower base. The fastest growing e-learning markets are identified as those in Eastern Europe – notably Slovakia – which will be driven by government and EU funded projects.


Copies of Learning Light’s latest report on the e-learning market can be obtained from the Learning Light and E-learning Centre websites, price £499. A brief summary of the report is available for download, free, from



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