Recruiters report their quest for ‘informed’ candidates

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Three in four recruiters have stated that attracting candidates of sufficient quality is their main concern, according to survey results released today (18 September).

The survey, which reveals the barriers employers in the US and UK are experiencing in recruiting, finds that nearly all companies (88%) value most highly those candidates who are prepared for their interview, having researched the role they are applying for and the organisation, and being ready to ask pertinent questions.

Company review website Glassdoor, asked recruiters at 750 companies of all sizes, to pinpoint key challenges. As well as quality  of  candidates, budget constraints (72%) are a prime concern, as well as knowing where to advertise jobs (65%), problems in competing with other companies with salary packages (65%), attracting younger candidates (62%), employer brand awareness (60%) and a lack of investment in diversity and inclusion (59%).

The reasons why recruiters’ expressed a preference for informed candidates included the majority view that candidates who were fully prepared for interview and who had done their research saved recruiters’ time and reduced the length of the recruitment process (34%), saving money (30%) and time spent on skills tests (21%). The hiring of informed candidates was perceived by recruiters to lead to better retention, raised productivity, a good source of employee referrals and more effective team working.

The survey, the Informed Candidate Survey, also cast light on recruiters’ views of the factors that influenced candidates’ decisions to join organisations. Beyond salary and compensation (48%), company culture and reputation was key, followed by the interview process itself, company values and employee reviews.

Other key findings

  • More than one in three recruiters are looking to increase their investment in employer branding in the next 12 months
  • Three in four say it’s easier to attract top candidates when they know about your organisation and its products or services
  • Three in four feel that candidates have enough access to information before they apply to establish clear expectations about the job
  • Two in five will increase their investment in employee engagement in the next 12 months.
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