Red Bee Media signs up for e-learning pilot with Cegos

Cegos UK, part of Europe’s largest learning and development company, today announced that it is to implement an e-learning pilot programme for leading UK content provider, Red Bee Media.

Red Bee Media has signed up to a number of e-learning modules from Cegos and the pilot is split into two equal periods with different modules available in each period under the terms of a normal contract.

The announcement follows Cegos’ recent launch of e-learning solutions by Cegos® – a catalogue of over 200 online training modules.

The e-learning modules will be used by a pilot group of Red Bee Media staff and will be integrated with individual employees’ personal development plans (PDP). 

 Modules include topics identified as essential commercial skills as well as those which update personal developmental needs.

The key reasons for the selection of Cegos’ e-learning modules by Red Bee Media include the range of modules, their availability in several languages, their accessibility through subtitling audio, as well as Cegos’ flexibility in structuring the programme and allowing courses and users to be switched during the mid-point of the year.

Francis Marshall, Managing Director of Cegos UK said:

“We are delighted to be making this announcement with Red Bee Media today. With our recent survey finding that organisations are looking for learning and development solutions that are accountable, cost-effective and less time consuming, Cegos’ e-learning solutions are delivering on all fronts.

“Furthermore, the fact that Red Bee Media is one of the leading specialists in online content and has selected our e-learning modules is a tremendous validation of what we do.”

Kath Hollister, Director of HR for Red Bee Media, said:

“Investing in our employees’ skills and abilities is central to what we are all about. We chose Cegos to run a pilot of e-learning for us because of the range, accessibility and flexibility of the package and the fact that the learner can lead and personalize the training experience.” 

A December 2008 survey by Cegos into training practices in 2009 found that nearly three quarters (73%) of organisations are planning to use e-learning for professional development in 2009, with 36% saying they will increase their e-learning efforts this year. 

Red Bee Media specialises in the delivery and promotion of digital media and offers the complete range of services required to promote, playout and provide access to broadcast content across all media.

Red Bee Media’s client roster is impressive including a number of premium brands including the BBC, ITV, UKTV, Channel 4, Five, Discovery Channel, Virgin Media TV, ESPN, Discovery and STAR.

e-learning solutions by Cegos® is a library of over 200 ready-to-use, interactive e-learning modules covering all corporate fields.

The modules are designed for businesses of all sizes from large multinational corporations to small and medium sized enterprises, across a range of industries.

Cegos clients include The Met Office, The British Library, Eastman Kodak Company, American Express and Coca Cola.

Each Cegos e-learning module has a user-friendly interface and is designed around three core principles – the teaching objective, the learner engagement, and the need to create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment.

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