Redundancy Assist launches as a division of People Partners Associates

People Partners Associates are pleased to announce the launch of Redundancy Assist as a separate specialist division. 

Redundancy Assist (RA) will specialise in working with employers on the best ways to get through the difficult process of reducing their staff efficiently, legally and with minimum fuss.

Many companies are having to think about their response to the present economic and commercial downturn. 

This often requires Boards to plan how best to reorganise the company and put in place a transition to a leaner organisation with fewer employees. 

The process of dismissing loyal employees is never agreeable, but sometimes business needs require unpalatable action. 

Redundancy Assist (RA) works directly with company Directors to ensure that the necessary reduction in staff is carefully planned, carried out professionally and with the least possible disruption to the remaining employees. 

RA provides comprehensive advice on employment legalities, regulations, documentation, definition of the ‘pool’ and relations with the media. 

The ‘Consultation’ process is carried out effectively and RA also conduct face-to-face meetings with individual employees at all levels, groups & staff representatives; and negotiate with Trade Unions at local and national level. 

We can arrange to assemble appropriate employee data during the transition process and write legally compliant letters to the people directly and indirectly involved.

The word ‘redundancy’ creates strong emotions for everyone concerned but with professional help the process can be carried out with respect and efficiency. 

This will mitigate the chance of unfortunate incidents that can mar the reputation of a company with employees, suppliers and customers. 

RA will plan the whole headcount reduction programme so that all the necessary employee relations and legal steps are put in place at the right time.

Peter Vreede, the Principal of Redundancy Assist, said:

“Many companies in past economic downturns have muddled through with no agreed management plan, often with disastrous consequences that have dented career reputations, caused internal conflict and impacted the growth of the business for many years due to the loss of talented employees. 

“Directors should contact Redundancy Assist when they are formulating their initial thoughts about downsizing (and certainly before commercial changes have been agreed) to maximise the benefit of engaging our specialist help.”

It is important for companies when formulating their new 2008 – 2009 Business Plan to take into account the legal requirements concerning the redundancy process and the extended timescales involved. 

This will require the legal requirement for ‘Consultation and fair Selection’ to be completed at the earliest opportunity to mitigate the costs of the reorganisation. 

Subjects to be carefully considered will include Board proposals, business case, stakeholders, costs, communications, departments affected, representative ballots, volunteers, selection criteria (first-in first out, age, gender, performance) talent retention and appeals as early as possible. 

The overall objective of Redundancy Assist is to work closely with Directors to provide guidance and practical expertise during what is a very challenging business transition. 

We provide on-site support to make sure that the headcount reduction process is planned and carried out efficiently so that departing employees feel fairly treated and allowing the company to continue in its new configuration with minimum fuss.

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