Refugee doctors fill the NHS skills gap in Scotland

A programme has been launched to train refugee doctors in Scotland to help
tackle recruitment problems in the NHS.

Thirty-two Glasgow-based refugee and asylum-seeking doctors have started or
are about to begin the course, which is run by the Scottish Council for
Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education (SCPMDE).

Professor Norman MacKay, postgraduate dean of SCPMDE, said, "I have
been impressed by the enthusiasm of the group and their desire to achieve GMC
registration which will allow them to work as doctors in the NHS.

"By bringing the doctors together through the deanery, it is evident
that as a group they can offer each other considerable mutual support."

The refugees will be given lessons to help them pass the necessary language
tests and further training in their own specialisms before taking the GMC’s
Professional and Linguistics Assessments Board (PLAB).

Asylum-seeking doctors who have not yet been granted refugee status are also
being assessed for suitability for the course as soon as their applications to
stay in the UK have been accepted.

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