Relocation spend ensures smooth transition

Employers spend an average £12,000 on temporary accommodation, estate agents
and legal fees every time they relocate a member of staff within the UK.

A study by IRS Employment Review finds that more than a third of companies will
be increasingly likely to relocate staff over the next three years, compared to
one in 10 which anticipate a reduction in staff relocation.

Nearly half of the 48 companies surveyed expect to increase their
international relocation of staff, while just 12 per cent think this activity
will decrease.

The cost of relocating staff internationally has risen from £12,500 three
years ago to £15,000, while the cost of UK staff relocation has fallen from
£15,000 to £12,000 per employee over the same period.

The research shows staff are less likely to want to relocate than they were
three years ago, mainly because developments in IT and communications have made
teleworking a viable option.

Mark Crail, managing editor of IRS Employment Review, believes spending
money on staff relocation to make the process as painless as possible is a
worthwhile investment.

He said: "It costs companies a great deal to relocate staff. Those who
do it well invest in making the move as easy as possible for their employees
and their families – particularly when the move takes them abroad. At a time
when specialist skills are in short supply this is a good investment with real
benefits to both sides."

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