‘Hop-desking’: BrewDog launches remote working initiative

Photo: BrewDog

Many remote workers frequently take advantage of coffee shops’ free wi-fi and power outlets but now pubs are trying to attract professionals and their laptops.

BrewDog has launched a remote working initiative in six of its UK pubs, promising limitless coffee, printers, pens, paper and a pint.

“DeskDog” – which has the tagline “Hot desk, cold beer” – allows people to book desk space at BrewDog pubs in London, Sheffield and Edinburgh, with more pubs being added soon.

“Why work in a coffee shop when we have beer?” said BrewDog in a statement. For £7 a remote worker can have “unlimited free coffee throughout the day and also a pint of Punk IPA (once all your business has been concluded or midway through to spark creativity)”.

Coffee shops appear to still have the upper hand however after the DeskDog online booking form revealed that desks could only be booked for up to two and a half hours and that BrewDog’s pubs don’t open until midday.

Its booking policy says that if customers wish to stay longer, desks are subject to availability in the bar on the day.

Comments on BrewDog’s Facebook page included: “Who needs an office?!??” and “I think I’ve solved the desk problems”.

This year, the craft beer company aims to open 19 new bars, meaning it will have 85 locations worldwide.

DeskDog space at a BrewDog pub. Photo: BrewDog

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