Rent a virtual classroom

NetTutor, launched officially at the recent World Open Learning Conference
and Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC, allows trainers to rent virtual training
facilities for around £8.30 per student per day and delivers training to the
desktop anywhere in the world.

Developed by Ascot Systems, NetTutor is a fully featured, online virtual
classroom, which brings together instructors and students for live learning
events. It allows conventional instructor-led training to be delivered over a
network and aims to combine the benefits of e-learning and classroom

"A typical NetTutor classroom provides virtual training facilities for
a tutor and 10 students," explains Bob Eades of Ascot Systems. "The
NetTutor student application is downloadable for easy worldwide distribution
throughout an organisation."

More than one virtual classroom can be rented simultaneously and classrooms
can operate in tandem or in isolation from each other. "Clients can access
their material from Ascot Systems’ server, delivering to anyone, anywhere in
the world," says Eades. "We can utilise existing non-e-learning
materials to run with NetTutor and the new service allows customers to try out
e-learning without changing their existing training infrastructure."

NetTutor can deliver any material that can be accessed by a browser and can
integrate with a learning management system.

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