Report calls for study into workplace health

Research issues include the effects of an ageing workforce and special
implications of SMEs

The European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
has published a report detailing the new areas in which it believes research in
workplace health needs to be carried out.

The report looked at seven European countries, including the UK, and tried
to identify current and future trends in the way in which workplace health
issues are managed. It lists the major trends that will change the nature of
health risks in the workplace and suggests the direction in which occupational
health services are likely to develop.

Research issues that have been identified as priorities include

– The effects of an ageing workforce.

– The health and well-being implications of working in SMEs and

– The implications of work- and home-related technological changes for
health and well-being.

– The relationship between work and home life.

– The emergence of new hazards and at-risk groups.

– Occupational and non-occupational sources of stress and their health

– The development of sustainable employment in the context of occupational
and environmental health, economic and social considerations.

– The distribution and level of costs between public and private sectors in
relation to workplace-related health issues.

The foundation will publish its Third Survey on Working Conditions in the EU
during the year. It plans to chart changing trends in working conditions by
incorporating the results of its previous two surveys which were carried out in
1991 and 1996 and will make the data available on-line to researchers.

Further information is available from the European Foundation for the
Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, tel: 00 353 1 204 3100, e-mail

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