Research bank opens up

The Learning in Business Research Associates (Libra), an independent
research body in the e-learning sector, is making its resource data, research
and information available on request.

The material, some of it previously commissioned by e-learning vendors, can
enter the public domain six months after it has been made available to the
organisation that commissioned it.

The material relates principally to the UK e-learning market and varies from
research on the key issues in the instructional design of e-learning materials
to measuring the return on investment from projects.

"In some major corporations where there may be thousands of learners,
ROI is becoming a major issue. The cost per head could, in theory, drop to a
few pounds," says Libra MD Vaughan Waller.

"But on top of that, you have to add the significant cost of a learning
content management system and all the work involved in planning and
implementing the whole project. To bring a sense of reality to the e-learning
industry, it is important to disseminate reliable, accurate information – if
only to set it against the hyperbole that seems to prevail in this

For details, call Libra on 01992 634244.

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