Research-based benchmarking tool coaches HR on successful talent strategy

A free, research-based benchmarking tool demystifying talent management for public and private sector organisations wanting a health check in the discipline has been launched today, by StepStone and Bersin.

With this benchmarking tool, HR executives can quickly assess how their organisations’ talent strategies compare to those of other organisations – and pinpoint potential strengths and weaknesses.   

“This is the first time an independent research based, assessment tool has been built around talent strategy for use by HR professionals around the world, highly relevant in these challenging economic times. The tool is aimed at developing the most successful talent management strategy possible – one born out of best practise and the right level of governance,” explains StepStone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Cassidy.

StepStone’s interactive tool is available now and covers 19 assessment areas of a comprehensive talent management strategy, including data management, talent processes, communication and alignment with the business.

Additionally, the tool also evaluates key areas of recruitment and employee performance such as internal mobility, succession planning, benefits packages and employer branding.

“Whilst the current economic conditions demand transformative business changes in all industry sectors, most companies are woefully behind in their talent strategies.  Consequently, organisations make layoff, staff reduction, and other important talent decisions in the dark,” said Josh Bersin, president, Bersin & Associates. 

The self diagnosis tool compares a user’s answers against best-practice benchmarks, and provides tiered summary scorecards which identify and analyse organisations’ effectiveness in each area.

This innovative online resource goes beyond the initial personalised scorecard, and allows participants to delve into an in-depth report which provides specific guidance and talent strategy recommendations. It also presents the opportunity to discuss the results further at a Talent Strategy Discovery Session with representatives from StepStone.

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