Research shows lack of flexible work in banking

Bankers find it harder to achieve a work-life balance than doctors,
according to research.

The Economic and Social Research Council survey shows that bankers find it
more difficult to juggle a successful career and childcare responsibilities in the
UK, France and Norway.

More than two-thirds of women doctors have two or more children, compared to
only 37 per cent of women bankers.

The report’s author Professor Rosemary Crompton, a researcher at City
University in London, believes the contrasting flexibility is because of the
different professional qualifications. She said, "Whereas professional
qualifications bestow a licence to practice which can use flexibility over
employment and family lives, managerial careers are subject to organisational
constraints that hinder such flexibility."

The report calls for employees with caring responsibilities to have the
right to work part-time and not at employers’ discretion.

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