Resource Guide: Audiology

Sources of information on hearing problems in the workplace, including
associations and web sites pointing to the latest developments in audiology

The American Academy of Audiology

This site offers news, professional resources, details of conventions and
courses related to audiology, details from its journal Audiology Today, and a
search engine linking to other sites.

British Association of Audiological Physicians

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Queens Square
London WC1N 3BC

Background of audiological medicine, lists departments of audiological
medicine and consultants throughout the UK, details of conferences and courses
and links to audiology-related sites. It also gives details of medical journals
and professional organisations and societies related to the subject.

British Society of Audiology

80 Brighton Road
Berkshire RG6 1PS
Tel: 01189 660622
Fax: 01189 351915
Includes details of meetings and courses, publications and links to other web
sites of related interest.

Department of Health

European Federation of Audiology Societies (EFAS)

Details of meetings held every two years in Europe, with various projects
organised to further audiology, its practice and teaching throughout member

Health and Safety Executive

Institute of Sound and Vibration Research

Royal National Institute for Deaf People

19-23 Featherstone Street
London EC1Y 8SL
Tel: 020-7296 8000
Textphone: 020-7296 8001
Fax: 020-7296 8199

A detailed and up to date web site offering a huge amount of information. It
includes full details of all current RNID campaigns, including the Noise at
Work initiative, which warns of the dangers to workers from noise exposure, and
Safer Sound, examining the risks to hearing being posed by popular leisure
pursuits. It also contains current news releases and answers commonly asked
questions about deafness and its causes.

Trade Union Congress

A thorough site with details of all TUC activities, including information on
its Indecent Exposure campaign launched last year which highlights the danger
to hearing of work not usually associated with occupational deafness.

The Audiology Information Network claims to include some of the most
advanced web sites related to audiology, hearing loss and hearing aids via its
Searchwave search engine, which lists over 1,500 related web sites. A lively
and user-friendly site that is well organised and provides a huge amount of

An audiology and healthcare information web site dedicated to providing web
links in audiology to patients, family members, students and healthcare
professionals. Useful for background information on a number of
audiology-related issues.

Compiled by Kate Rouy

This listing is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further additions
from readers as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to include
in this series

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