Resource Guide: Latex allergy

The continuing problems of latex glove allergy have been highlighted buy the
recent damages claims against the NHS Supplies Authority.  Numerous web sites cover background history and
give good practice guides

British Allergy Foundation

Tel: 0891 516500
Deep Dene House
30 Bellegrove Road
Welling, Kent, DA16 3PY

Changing Practice

Bell Pottinger Healthcare, Suite 2, Cobb
House, Oyster Lane, Byfleet
KT14 7DU
Tel: 01932 350006
fax: 01932 353336

An international journal published twice a year reviewing current issues and
management practice in allergy and infection control. An essential read for
anyone involved in this area, it includes details of forthcoming events,
up-to-date news and views and details of related web sites.

Department of Health

The DoH has recently released guidelines on the use of latex gloves.

Lanolin Review

Contact: Angela Macleod, Hill and Knowlton. Tel: 020-7413 3516
Fax: 020-7413 3112

This report reviews the history of lanolin, its properties and why it has
earned itself a poor reputation over the years. It looks at anhydrous lanolin
that has undergone purification by removing all traces of detergent and
reducing pesticide residue and natural free lanolin alcohols below the
allergenic threshold of 3 per cent.

Emollients containing purified lanolin soothe eczema and other dry skin
conditions without sensitising the skin.

Latex Allergy Support Group

PO Box 31, Cheltenham
Gloucestershire, GL52 4WY
Tel 0707 1225838

This group aims at raising awareness of latex allergy, in particular among
healthcare workers. Ongoing work includes research into increasing incidences
of latex allergy, development of treatment and the introduction of glove
policies for those working within the NHS.

Royal College of Nurses

Tel: 0345 726 100
The RCN launched its latex allergy campaign in 1998.

The site of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, this
provides a useful source of information on the background of latex allergy,
details of products containing latex, the risks of exposure to latex in the
workplace and its effects, details of diagnosis and treatment, case studies and

A comprehensive database of products containing natural rubber latex (NRL)
compiled at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol.

A site constructed by a US law firm, it serves as a useful source of
background information on latex allergy. It includes a history of latex
allergy, information on latex content in everyday products, and a bibliography
of recently published articles on the subject.

Another US site, aimed at increasing the awareness of latex allergy as a
public health issue, and offering invaluable links to related web sites.

The site of the British Association of Dermatologists, useful as an
information source on skin care and disorders.

Web site of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

This listing is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further additions
from readers as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to include
in this series

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