Responsibility grips UK

Four out of 10 organisations have a corporate social responsibility (CSR)
statement in place, according to research by Roffey Park.

The majority (55 per cent) felt their organisations were environmentally and
socially responsible to some extent, and 29 per cent say their organisations
are greatly responsible. Only 3 per cent of the 372 respondents said their
companies were not responsible at all.

The most popular forms of CSR are help in the community (66 per cent),
recycling (63 per cent), a strong implementation of diversity (59 per cent),
and fundraising for charity (48 per cent).

Of those with CSR statements, 63 per cent say it is the board that drives
the agenda, then senior management (32 per cent). Only 6 per cent say it is
driven by staff.

Within the sample, the sectors with the highest proportion of CSR statements
were the energy/water sector (76 per cent) financial services (56 per cent) and
production and manufacturing (52 per cent).

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