Restructuring and redundancy top the list of issues for which SMEs seek HR advice

Business restructuring and redundancy management are the hottest HR issues for SMEs, according to HR service provider Right Hand HR, which has created downloadable advice guides and fixed-price support packages to help SMEs handle redundancies.

The firm has created a top ten list of the priority issues for which small businesses seek HR advice. The other eight are: sickness absence management; disciplinary actions; grievances and appeals; flexible working rights; compliance policies and contracts; maternity and return to work issues; amending terms/conditions and probationary reviews.

“We’ve seen an exponential increase in enquiries from business owners who want support to help them restructure their business and make redundancies,” said Judy Crook, Senior HR Manager at Right Hand HR. “At the same time, there’s been a noticeable decline in enquiries for HR support on issues relating to growth, such as recruitment, management training and employee development.”

Right Hand HR has created a downloadable guide to help line managers who are involved in making redundancies. Called the Manager’s Guide to Handling Redundancy, the 21-page guide explains each stage of the redundancy process, including consultation, selection and redundancy payment calculations.

A separate Employee Guide to Redundancy & Consultation aims to provide employees with everything they need to know about redundancy. The 14-page guide includes details on the consultation process, their right to appeal, the notice period entitlement and redundancy payments, with answers to frequently asked questions.

Right Hand HR has also developed a series of fixed-fee HR support packages to help small businesses that need to make imminent redundancies. The packages vary, depending on the numbers of employees affected, but all include telephone support on the statutory requirements relating to redundancy, an individual process plan, redundancy payment calculations and letters and documentation to use throughout the process.

“No business owner wants to make redundancies but if you’re in this situation, you have to act,” said Judy Crook. “Making staff redundant can lead to claims of unfair dismissal and even to an expensive employment tribunal. Our guides and support packages can help you ensure you manage the process fairly for your employees and comply with employment legislation. It’s also very important to support the remaining employees, following redundancies, to ensure that business productivity does not suffer.”

The Manager’s Guide to Handling Redundancy is priced at £29.99. The Employee Guide to Redundancy & Consultation is £5.99.  

The fixed-fee HR support packages start at £399, for companies that need to make up to five redundancies.


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