Retail chief execs notch up £230k pa salaries

executives in the retail sector earn a base median pay of almost a quarter of a
million pounds a year.

by Mercer Human Resource Consulting reveals that chief executives in the sector
typically earn £230,000 a year, while at the other end of the scale sales
assistants earn £10,650.

research shows that average salaries for distribution directors are more than
£100,000 a year.

finance, marketing and merchandising directors all earn more than £90,000 a
year. Buying and merchandise managers salaries tend to earn above £50,000 while
brand and store managers earn in excess of £30,000 a year.

supervisors earn around £15,000 a year.

all of the 20 retail companies polled operate bonus schemes. Two-thirds of
bonus schemes operated are discretionary or performance based, while the rest
use guaranteed bonuses or profit share schemes.

average turnover rate for sales assistants is 55 per cent.

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