Retailers lead initiative to fill job vacancies

employer-led initiative has been launched to combat the skills shortages in the
retail sector.

are teaming up with the Government to help 50,000 long-term unemployed and lone
parents into jobs over the next three years.

Ambition Retail programme will offer New Dealers training in customer service,
IT, sales and marketing.

Francis, employee relations director of Dixons, one of the major retailers
backing the scheme, said, "The next step will be to appoint a steering
committee made up of senior industry figures. This level of representation
speaks volumes about how seriously this initiative is being taken."

initiative has the full backing of the Government. Secretary of State for
Employment David Blunkett said, "Retailers employ 11 per cent of all
workers, but account for 15 per cent of vacancies. 

see this as a major opportunity to work with retail businesses to help them
solve their recruitment and skills problems."

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