Retirement age debate: Send us your questions

Personnel Today and the Employers Forum on Age are holding a debate on the default retirement age (DRA) and want your questions to put to panellists.

Last week, the government announced it had brought forward a review of the retirement age of 65 from 2011 to next year. A decision in the long-running Heyday challenge to the DRA is also expected in the coming months following a case at the High Court.

This means that the picture around compulsory retirement will soon be clearer for employers, and they have to start preparing for life after the DRA.

In light of this, the roundtable debate will argue the motion: ‘Is a default retirement age an excuse for avoiding performance management?’

Panellists include HR representatives from firms that have ditched the retirement age, along with employers who feel it is important a DRA is maintained. The debate will be chaired by Financial Times columnist Stefan Stern.

Personnel Today is also taking part and wants your questions or points of view. What are the implications for scrapping the DRA? How will employers adapt? Is good performance management a problem for managers?

The debate takes place on 28 July and will be covered by Personnel Today. E-mail your questions to:

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