Reuters acts on employee concerns

Global media firm Reuters has dramatically improved customer service and
staff motivation by developing leadership skills and encouraging greater
employee involvement in the business.

The company reduced staff turnover from 49 per cent to 5 per cent in three
years after introducing a new team climate system, which measured staff’s
motivation and satisfaction.

Managers were then able to use the scores from the system, based on
confidential staff surveys, to implement interventions including flexible
hours, training and mentoring.

Staff were asked to design their own office environment to ensure they were
fully involved in a major corporate reorganisation.

Reuters also focused on its managers to improve the standard of leadership
by introducing training events, one-to-one coaching and focus groups.

Staff satisfaction and engagement levels are regularly measured through
feedback surveys with the results used to benchmark progress and compare teams.

Martin Yates, customer services director at Reuters for the EMEA region,
said the initiative had a direct affect on the bottom line, as customer
satisfaction has risen by 10 per cent since its launch.

"These measures are saving us money. It has allowed us to be more
effective and a better performing organisation. The scores have enabled us to
expand the department," he said.

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