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Top employers are facing a perfect storm in the fight for talent. In 2014, the unemployment rate in the UK plunged to 7.1%. At the same time, more and more Baby Boomers are retiring, while recent university graduates prove lacking in the skills that businesses are seeking. To compound this issue in the workforce, at least one-third of existing employees feel ready to leave their job.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the top reason for employees leaving a company is lack of recognition. And although 90% of employers say that they have some sort of recognition programme in their workplaces, only 13% of the global workforce is engaged, showing clearly that these programmes are far from effective.

It’s unsafe to assume that your workforce is being suitably recognised, because the reality is that they probably aren’t. Their hard work is neither appreciated nor validated in a way that evokes inspiration. It’s time to rethink recognition – the main catalyst to engaging and aligning your workforce, thus driving improved business performance.

The knowledge and services workforces must be looked at differently today. They crave a purpose-driven company, regular feedback, career opportunities and interesting work. With 70% of the world’s gross domestic product generated by the knowledge and services industries, the standards and ideals of the workforce are shaping the way that businesses operate.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Recognition will challenge conventional thinking, helping you become more focused on the future so that you can respond to the needs of today’s workforce and lead the way to employee success. You’ll learn to create a meaningful strategy, from start to finish, that yields higher levels of retention, higher customer satisfaction, exceptional employee engagement and alignment, and an unmatched culture of recognition and success.

Most organisations create some type of recognition programme for their employees, but a majority lack a structured approach and strategy. Download The Ultimate Guide to Employee Recognition and you’ll learn:

  • step-by-step tactical instructions to plan, design, execute, and communicate your recognition strategy;
  • how to build a culture of recognition every day that yields higher levels of engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction;
  • the essentials of employee recognition, including fundamentals to help build your case for organisational change; and
  • success stories from real companies that are doing it right.

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