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Beyond impressionistic

Team Metrics

Authors: Mike Woodcock and Dave Francis

Price: £299

Published by: Gower


ISBN 0566 08640 9

This loose-leaf manual is a well-thought-out and easy-to-use collection of metrics: in other words, questionnaires that, through numerical scores, can provide a form of assessment beyond the impressionistic.

The authors have distilled 20 years of experience into a variety of audits, which can be used in a training environment or as real-time interventions.

They could be an effective resource for very different audiences – from team leaders to management coaches.

Don’t be deceived by its unassuming appearance in a ring binder – this is a sophisticated tool which works hard to tackle some difficult issues. Its Team Blockage Questionnaire and Top Team Audit metrics are thorough and unflinching.

An added value is the CD-Rom supplied with every manual, which provides a Powerpoint slide for each of the 27 metrics. The only element the hard-working authors have been unable to provide is the honest responses from within your organisation to get the most from the exercises.

Practicality?   Five stars 
Production level?  Three stars
Value for money?  Five stars

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