Rewards boost retention at Astra Zeneca

A new benefits and rewards package at pharmaceutical giant Astra Zeneca has
helped keep staff rurnover below 4 per cent.

Campbell Singer, HR director, research and development, said that while
turnover of researchers and scientists is traditionally low, the rate at Astra
Zeneca is lower than the industry norms and showing a positive trend.

The company, formed in merger two-and-a-half years ago, has developed a new
rewards package called Advantage.

Speaking at the conference, Singer said Advantage gives staff a base salary
and allows them to choose between more money or a range of benefits, including
cars, bicycles, computers, holiday entitlement, health and dental cover, and
pension options.

"We give employees as much choice as possible, but because we want to
be socially responsible, benefits such as healthcare and pensions are
core," Singer said.

Reward is linked solely to performance, with employees given room to stretch
performance targets and establish opportunities for learning and progression.

The company has also introduced flexible working, career-breaks and
family-friendly leave.

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