Right to work checks made easy

PeopleChecking, part of NorthgateArinso, has teamed up with world leading passport scanning company 3M Rochford Thompson to simplify right to work checks for employers.

From January 2010 employers equipped with a 3M passport scanner and access to PeopleChecking’s database can extract data from their potential employees’ passports and cross check this against a worldwide database of individual countries’ right to work requirements.  Employers are alerted to the necessary papers required to enable an employee to work legally in the UK and any possible infringements.  Because PeopleChecking’s database is web-based, content is continually updated giving up-to-the-minute, accurate information.

Additionally the software can check the authenticity of a passport and establish a reasonable cause for doubt if a document has been altered, for example a new signature added.

“This is a quick, cost effective, easy-to-use, solution for high volume employers working in areas of some sensitivity. Indeed if Baroness Scotland had used this technology before employing her housekeeper she may have avoided a potentially damaging political scandal,” adds Tim Rooney, MD PeopleChecking, NorthgateArinso.



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