RMT calls for Underground infrastructure work to be brought back in-house

Tube infrastructure work should be brought back in-house before private contractors bring the entire system grinding to a halt, the RMT union has warned.

The RMT renewed its call for the part-privatisation of the network to be scrapped after engineering overruns caused massive delays on London’s essential Tube arteries.

“Privatisation of Tube infrastructure has demonstrably failed, failed and failed again,” general secretary Bob Crow said today.

Last week, a damning report criticised Metronet – the firm responsible for maintaining the network – for failing to meet its targets.

“Only last week, the PPP arbiter issued a damning report on Metronet’s failure to deliver, and this morning Londoners have woken up to find huge chunks of the Underground network simply not working.

“Tube infrastructure work needs to be carried out by an organisation whose sole aim is providing a service, not by privateers whose main aim is to drain as much profit as possible out of the system,” Crow said.

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