Room 101 menu served up by human resources chiefs was just for starters

What would I put into Room 101 (‘Human resources chiefs draw up menu of things to dump in Room 101‘, Personnel Today, 23 October)?

  • Directors who ask for employment advice and then don’t follow it
  • Line managers who procrastinate over disciplinary matters because they’re non-confrontational
  • Rubbish spelling and grammar (even though I’m probably as guilty as anybody)
  • Managers who tell people not to lift anything because of the health and safety rules, and then moan because there’s no water bottle on the cooler
  • Local government health and safety officers (or at least their rules)
  • Jobsworths
  • The suing mentality
  • Ethnicity questionnaires
  • Men who neither seem to shower daily nor wear deodorant, and women who wear too much perfume
  • Passports needing to be produced before employment – because I haven’t been abroad and don’t own one.

Items 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 in your article

Plus many more – but then I am a ‘grumpy old woman’, and it is my job to look on life, work and love with a very cynical eye.

Annette Smith, HR/admin manager, Peerless Europe

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