Royal Mail to focus on management coaching

Royal Mail has doubled its budget for leadership coaching following criticism
of its management in a report.

group has developed a two-year, £1m leadership coaching programme that will be
open to all 1,200 managers and is designed to run alongside its performance
management system.

Whitley, service development director, said the measures would help managers
engage with employees at every level of the business.

the programme, over 400 managers have been set a number of clearly defined
targets and a personal plan, which is evaluated on a monthly basis.

changes have been initialled after the Sawyer report claimed that local and
regional managers lacked communication and leadership skills. The report said
that coaching was the key to preventing further industrial action.

massive number of our postmen are optimistic and proud to work for us – the
question is of confidence in management,” Whitley said.

Marsh, head of leadership coaching at Royal Mail, said managers would learn to
adapt their approach to make them more effective in dealing with staff. The
coaching also introduces a framework to help managers address their individual

questioning is used to draw out responses as well as role-play, where
candidates have to adapt their behaviour. We outline the approach managers
should be taking on a day-to-day basis,” she told delegates at the HRD

The programme focuses on team dynamics and relationship

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