Sacked Gate Gourmet staff must sign agreement for compensation

Gate Gourmet workers sacked after wildcat strikes at Heathrow airport have been told that they have less than a week to sign a compromise agreement with the firm – or miss out on compensation payments.

The catering company and the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) hammered out a deal to see sacked staff given compensation or be re-employed – subject to them signing agreements.

A deadline was agreed with the union of 16 December, though a small number who left the company later have been given individual deadlines which go into the new year.

So far, 137 out of 700 former Gate Gourmet workers have signed the forms and the company said that as a result, 45 have received compensation, or will be paid shortly.

Other payments will be made in the near future, while some workers have been offered re-employment with the firm.

A TGWU spokesman said: “We have agreed with Gate Gourmet that we need to draw this process to a conclusion – which is why we’ve set a deadline.

“However, there will be cases, either through sickness, or personal circumstance, or change of heart by the company, where it is not possible for people to sign a compromise agreement by next Friday.”







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